Tried and Tested, when it comes to finding decent tools, I’ve compiled a breakdown, with options for what’s been proven over the year.

If you are completely new to dry curing meat, I’ve got a DIY Curing chamber complete guide that goes into great depth to help avoid a steep learning curve – it’s over on the course page here.

Must have for equilibrium meat curing I think are:

Curing chamber equipment button

Curing Chamber EquipmentTo Build a Meat Curing Chamber ie. temp & humidity controllers, humidifier, dehumidifier etc.

Meat curing equipment button

Meat Curing EquipmentSpice Grinders, ACCURATE digital scale options

Smoker equipment button

BBQ, Hot & Cold Smoking EquipmentSmoking gear – Temperature Probes, Brisket Knife & Smoke Generators

Salami making

Here we get into the advanced are of Salami Making essentials for doing a decent batch of salami or fresh sausages for that matter.

Meat mincer, Meat stuffer, and some Mold Cultures

Backyard smokers button

Backyard Smokersie. Low & Slow Smokers and Portable Smokers I love

For the easiest BBQ smoker to get start with, get a pellet grill or electric smoker – easy to use “set & forget”an outdoor smokey oven with an easy learning curve.