• Decent accurate digital scales
  • Spice grinder (coffee/spice grinder)

Not having accurate digital scales that can weigh to 0.x (1 decimal) or 0.xx (2 decimal) means you won’t get the salt level precise or worse the pink curing salt accurate enough.

I’ve found every ‘normal’ person’s kitchen scales to maybe be 1.0-2.0 gram accuracy, and it’s rare to find a 1-2 acurrate decimal digital scale in pretty much any appliance store.

So below are options I use or can recommend that do the job.

For me, it made a huge difference when dry curing meat (or many other projects in the kitchen also).

Many meat curing recipes still indicate volumes like a teaspoon rather than weight, weight leads to more accuracy and better outcomes.

Since the volume of salt, for instance, varies so greatly depending on the brand, size or salt structure. Like kosher salt compared to fine grain sea salt can be like 50% weight difference but have the same volume on a teaspoon.

Accurate Digital Kitchen Scales

  1. Investment = Zieis Precision Z3000
  2. Budget = Smart Weigh

ZIEIS Precision Digital Kitchen Scale Z3000

The scales I want! Once the scales I have are worn out, this is what I will get.

When I checked one out at the store, it didn’t matter where you placed things on the measurement plate, it was always consistent and responded super fast. The guy at the store said this was commercial quality, and I could see why.

10-year warranty, impressive.

Up to 6.6lb (3kg) weight which is useful for many other things outside the kitchen as well.

  • Choose how long the display stays on for
  • AC powered or 6 x AA battery powered
  • 0.1g accuracy guaranteed

I have been eyeing one up for some time, if you want quality – check it out on Amazon here.

Budget – Smart Weight Digital Scale

This design has been around for years.

An old grinder on my old scale, easy to weigh spice and salt – hey but it works!
  • oz/grams
  • 1 Decimal Place
  • counting feature, weight 1 item = count the rest!
  • HOLD function – useful so you don’t forget the number

When I first got a scale that could do the 0.X accuracy – certainly a game-changer.

I use it for much more than meat curing, accurate weight measurement is really useful for so many cooking applications.

I measure my coffee for the mocha-pot, and find that accurate scales like this are indispensable for many aspects of kitchen cookery!

They are reasonably priced too, check them out here.

Spice Grinders

Makes the spice and salt ‘finer’, which means you can dispearse it more easily over the meat.

I’ve found it essential every time I do some meat curing. And it also get use for grinding up spices for a curry!

Any of these are the right tool for the job.

Shardor Spice Grinder

Shardor is a little more versatile, it’s got 2 or 4 blade removal stainless steel cups.

It’s a simple and functional design.

Dry and wet grinding which is also why I want this.

A spoon and brush makes getting into the nooks of the bowl where the spices get stuck easy to clean.

When you can just sweep out the bowl and give it a quick wipe – it’s perfect for dry spice grinding.

This grinder is a top seller for further details check it out here.

Mueller Austria HyperGrind 

Electric – Epica Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder