Life Time Access to Content Not Easily Found Online

Videos and resources that give you a deep understanding of curing

‘In-Person’ Courses Includes are expensive, I Give 1 to 1 Chat Backup

‘In-person’ courses cost $400++. Back-up chat built in to course

Proven Methods for Consistent Delicious Results

Simply use your own kitchen fridge, or other options all explained in detail

Charcuterie Salumi Dry Cured Meat Picture
Charcuterie Salumi Dry Cured Meat – from my standard kitchen fridge – learn how in the course
Avoid Over-salted Curing of Meats and Cure with Precision

Avoid common mistakes beginners make, and learn my secrets

Whatever Your Cooking Skill – Charcuterie is the next level up

Techniques, tools, and equipment – Learn easy ideas and ways

Covers Curing & Smoking at Home like Dry Cured Cold Smoked Bacon

Cold smoking demystified including meats and other foods

What Your Get With This Course

  • Life Time Access to 23 Videos, 70 mins of Guidance
  • Built-in messaging chat system with me, Tom
  • 9 of my favorite recipes, which auto-calculate ingredients (epic recipes like my House dry-cured bacon took 15 years to refine)
  • The master technique of dry curing meat, from which you can create 1,000’s of variations
  • Print-friendly guides for all of my favorite recipes 
  • A detailed guide on curing meat using a regular kitchen fridge
  • Spice Guide Sheet to develop your own charcuterie flavors!

“Epic detail without deviation, and the meats I’ve cured, it’s been a tasty adventure!

Daniel S.
Salumi Plate of Home Made Braesola & Coppa – Rucola, Parmesan, Edible Flowers, Olive Oil

I’ve been on the fence about starting meat curing, so glad I found this course – it puts all the different bits together”

Ted C.

Looking forward to seeing your charcuterie creations!