After many requests, here is a calculator to work out salt and pink curing salt (for both pink curing salt 1 or 2).

Dry Equilibrium Curing = % of Sea Salt + 0.25% Pink Curing Salt to the Total Weight of the Meat

Wet Brine Equilibrium Curing = % of Sea Salt + 0.25% Pink Curing Salt to the Total Weight of the Meat in addition 1L=1Kg weight so 40% water is calculated of the total meat weight

Meat Curing Calculator Tool
Method Equilibrium Wet Brining or
Equilibrium Dry Curing
Meat Weight lb kg g
Pink curing salt%
Water %%

Pink Curing Salt 1.59 g or 0.056 oz
Sea Salt 15.88 g or 0.56 oz
Water 0.181 litres or 0.048 gallons

  • Hopefully the above makes sense, it’s 0.25% pink curing salt for either pink curing salt 1 or 2
  • If brining, it’s a base of 40% water ratio to the weight ie. 1L=1Kg therefore 1 Kg of Meat would need 400 ml of water.
  • It’s up to you, for simple dry-cured meat 2.25% is a very common sea salt level (pink salt in addition to this, so it ends up being 2.5% TOTAL SALT.

For a more detailed guide – check out this page on equilibrium curing.


One of the biggest challenges about learning to cure meat I found early on was a lack of quality resources following a logical concise step by step process. Whilst explaining what was happening as well!

So that was one big reason I started this website. After studying and learning from butchers/meat curers/norcini and having an interest in the meat science aspects over a few decades. It's been a long journey, and it still fascinating and exciting.

Meat curing is a lot more than just following a recipe, it's obviously a process but there is also so much knowledge that makes everything click together. Some still refer to it as a craft and I partially agree with this.

Cold smoking is also an extension but it's own discipline I've had great success with.

To bring all this together into one resource I create a comprehensive whole muscle charcuterie course. Including videos and a plethora of supplementary material.

In a big way, dry curing meat has taken my repertoire of cookery or food to a whole new level.

You can find more info on my course online course here.





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