Eat Cured Meat Goals

To provide a trustworthy and reliable resource online for all aspects of charcuterie, smoking, curing, and salting meat.

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Eat Cured Meat Story

In 2018, Eat Cured Meat was registered and information began to be shared, the knowledge gathered over the past few decades of testing, learning, teaching, and developing ideas around meat curing, charcuterie, and smoking.

How Could One Showcase an animal’s meat and Explore Various Ways of Preserving and Enhancing the Flavor? So the journey began and has been ongoing for decades.

Eat Cured Meat was created to share, develop, and showcase all aspects of charcuterie, dry curing, cold smoking, hot smoking, smoking and curing meat other aspects of the crafts.

After working around food and being involved in meat curing and meat smoking industries for many years.

Eat Cured Meat was created to highlight and explore all aspects of the crafts and topics.

Tom Mueller was harvesting meat in the 2000s in the Mountains and Forests.

Tom Mueller is the Creator, Main Author, and Owner of Eat Cured Meat

What We Offer

Creating tools, courses, and useful information to promote the subjects and allow others to enjoy the craft at home.

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Meat curing information online seemed always hard to find & hard to follow if you could find it!

Consistent information backed up by some experience and expertise is what is strived for – hence the drive to create a resource began.

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Eat Cured Meat Photographer & Video Editor

Many of the professional style photography on the site is provided by a professional photographer, Monika Lakyova.

Monika’s portfolio website can be found here.

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Learning techniques from various butchers, salami makers, fishermen, hunters, Norcini, and Charcuteriers.

Traditional techniques were always the fascinating aspect since much of the craft goes back thousands of years.

Learning from courses and first-hand experience in large salami factories was also part of studying the industry.

The fascination with the history and ways different cultures cure and smoke meat has also led to long travel expeditions with meat-curing epicenters such as Italy and other cultures with a history of curing and preservation.

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Tools, guides, and calculators were also a way of helping others start their journey into curing meat.

Meat Curing is the slowest food around in some ways, contrasting our speedy cultures that have developed over time.

Many lessons can be learned from a craft that is about time, patience, complex flavor, and nourishment.

Eat Cured Meat Values


Resources, Tools, and Articles focused on reliable information

Factual & Scientific

A quality scientific resource-based approach to the craft of meat curing and charcuterie

Useful & Helpful

Focus on what can bring new and existing enthusiasts to the world of charcuterie and meat curing