A few decades ago, I got passionate about meat curing.

I share my passion for this incredible preservation and flavor craft through my courses. So you too can make your charcuterie at home.” – Tom

Every Bacon Making Way

Choose the bacon-making method that suits you

Smoker Styles Explained

Buyers Guide and Tips about every style of smokers and an overview of how they work

Thinly sliced Cold Smoked Dry Cured Bacon

My Recipe Guides and Printable Sheet

Get precise recipes for consistent bacon every time

How to Make Smokey Bacon without a Smoker

No need to have a smoker for homemade bacon, I’ll show you how, just in your regular kitchen!

What the Course Includes:

  • 60-plus minutes of video
  • Guide and Tips about Smokers – Videos and docs
  • Recipe Guide Sheets that auto-calculate ingredients
  • Printable bacon recipe sheets to make it easier for you
  • How to Use Smoker Accessories for hot and cold smoking
  • My goal was for this course to open the door to the world of meat curing and charcuterie

“live chat” with me inside the course

Tom Left, and my friend at Salumeria Gardoni Torrechiara, Italy.