Reverse sear steak large
You just can’t hit ideal temperatures without a decent temp probe, you are just guessing! For me, that’s 125°F/52°C internal then hit it with the SEARING!

A Temperature probe was a game-changer when I really got into smoking. Whether it’s 1 probe or 2. You can get away with 1 but 2 is way more useful. (Funny how many ovens I have check that aren’t showing accurate temps, and are off by quite a bit too!).

Temp probes give better and more consistent results they help you keep things in check when you are doing a cook. Whether it’s a ceramic, electric pellet or kettle smoker – none will give an accurate temp from my experience.

If you just wan the easiest most conienent setup for low & slow –

Get a temp probe & electric smoker or pellet grill – you will produce the goods with ease. (Both smokers are Set and Forget!)

Temerature guage 250x small 1

Temperature Probes – Don’t even try to trust a built-in temp gauge. (Anyone who has tested there’s will tell you that are normally way off).

For just about all Smoking – Low & Slow, Hot or Cold Smoking – you need one of these. Here ya go.

Brisket knife button 250x small

Brisket Knife – not essential, but super useful for clean cutting. These ones touch up/sharpen very easily. Check them out here.

Smoker generator 250x small

Smoke Generators – Super useful kit, can boost any smoking, pellet tubes are also a useful smoke boost. Here they are.