Smoke generators are like the ultimate cold or hot smoking device.

I’ve been smoking stuff (not just meat) for the last few decades.

For the last 10 years I have used a smoke generator.

What I really love – the variable pumps which mean you can adjust the flow of smoke into your smoking chamber. As the old saying goes ‘set and forget’ (well keep an eye on it still).

The ‘venturi effect’draws the smoke into the chamber.

Cold smoking wine barrel large mobile
3L Smokai Magnum awesome smoke generator

The most useful ways to use these I have found are:

  • bolted onto a kettle grill for cold smoking
  • attached to a smokehouse, cabinet or chamber(old fridge)
  • adding smoke to a gas grill BBQ

But really I think the possibilities are endless!

Chambers you could use for a smoke generator:

  • Traditional smoking box
  • Grill barbecue
  • Wine barrel (hang stuff)
  • Old Fridge
  • Gas Grill Burner (removed gas bottle, of course and grease tray)
Removable pipe useful for cleaning and locks in
Easy to remove pipe, which means easy cleaning – but fits in snug too very happy with this device

I’ve gone through all the options, and by far Smokai is my go-to. I’ve field tested both the 1L ‘classic’ and the 3L ‘magnum’ extensively.

Cold smoking vegetables large
You Can Cold Smoke All Sorts Of Stuff – Cream, Veges, Mushrooms, Salt, Wild Duck.

Don’t even bother with Smoke Daddy or UFO

Why, they don’t burn as clean, they don’t put out consistent burn and they go through alot of wood.


You will get oil residue build-up, so a scrap down every now and then is useful to keep the airflow so the pump can work effectively.

Make sure you have it going nicely, a decent lighting device through one of the holes get things going. Like a small creme brulee torch, but when you are using wood chips 2-10mm – you can use a normal lighter.

Now of course you can use indirect cooking on a gas grill or other device, like a kettle grill or drum smoker. Then just have the smokai pumping the smoke in.

Smokai lighting with lighter large 1 rotated

The best one I have found is actually made in New Zealand but it’s only a small company.

5 out of 5 rating – Smokai Smoker Generator

Comes in any size, from little 4-hour burn to 32 hours of burning for a large smokehouse application

ModelSizeMax Burn Time
Bullet 1/2 Litre4 hours
Classic 1 Litre8 hours
Magnum 3 Litre24 hours
Monster4 Litre32 hours
  • Solid Stainless Steel Design
  • Long burning times
  • Burns clean
  • Easy to light when using wood chips (can use wood pellets as well)
  • Comes with any power adaptor you want in the world
  • Nearly 10 years of R+D refinements

Buy direct for the inventor of smoke generators Smokai’s Site Click Here.

1 out of 5 rating – Smoke Daddy – Hot or Cold Smoker Generator

One ‘load’ of wood pellets can last 4-6 hours – but sometimes they run out of stock. It’s a big load too.

The US version like the ‘big kahuna’ Smoke Daddy, works on a similar principle, they run for 3-4 hours. Which seems brutally inefficient.

The aspects of burning are not clean, which pushes me away from this product alot.