Pellet tube smoking fish

I have used this style of smoker for many things, these little devices are superb:

  • Cold Smoking – salami, bacon, cheese, dairy (cream!), even salt
  • Searing some chunky meat on the grill, adding smoke flavor to gas grilling action
  • Indirect Smoke on Gas Grill for low & slow smoking
  • Take the smoker to friends and smoke in their smokehouses or any makeshift box with some workflow, easy (for a party, easy to smoke some cheese for instance)
  • Easy to add extra smoker to an electric or pellet grill to give it a smoke flavored boost

Chambers you could use for a pellet tube, smoke generator or maze smoker:

  • Traditional smoking box
  • Grill barbecue
  • Cardboard box
  • Smokehouse
  • Wine barrel (hang stuff)
  • Old Fridge
  • So many options can be had for these!
Pellet tube cold smoking with kettle grill small

Pellet Tube Smokers

You Need a decent flame to get it going, once it starts to glow – 5-7 mins burning vertically, then you just place it in your smoke area – so easy!

Starting a pellet tube smoker large
Only about 30 seconds and you can then let it burn for 5 – 8 mins.

Even though it says pellet, I mix wood chips in with the pellets and it burns fine for 3-5 hours (12-inch tube)

A few times I haven’t had a decent torch burner light, so I used a camp burner (got to be a bit careful using a camp cooker!) or one of the burners on the gas BBQ.

Pellet tube smoking large

Because I will often be doing cold smoked bacon for 2 to 3, 4-5 hour sessions, I don’t want too much smoke.

So if I feel there is too much smoke happening, I just offset the pellet tube to not let all the smoke go up through the smoking area.

(If you want to control the smoke more effectively for cold smoking, then a smoke generator is the way to go). Or another option is to just open the door a bit (if you have one).

Cold smoking salami with pellet tube large
Translated recipe, you won’t find it anywhere – delicious! Hungarian Salami

Even though the design is super simple, here are some tips I have learned.

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  • Get one with a flat side so it sits firm and doesn’t roll around
  • 12″ length, 6may only give 2 maybe 3 hours of smoke or less go for cheeses, dairy and vege smoking more so

I heard a perforated baffle for a motorbike exhaust can be re-engineered, all I could find locally was car baffles, which were very hard strong metal. A bit of an overkill compared to 304 stainless I think.

So here are a few links to Amazon pellet tubes worth getting. (Note I get a small commission on purchases, it doesn’t cost you anything – but supports the site)

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Maze Smokers (Same Same but Different)

Really cool devices also, they just burn through either pellet or sawdust. Can mix them up too.

  • Burns for a long time up to 8 hours
  • small and portable
  • When you get it burning nicely, another set & forget smoker
  • Use it on a gas grill as a supplement smoker or for indirect low & slow

You will get longer smoking sessions, so these are great for cold smoking for Central & Eastern European strong smokey cured meat or classic cold smoked dry-cured bacon.

These guys have been the standard for a long time, check out the huge amount of positive reviews for the A-MAZE-N Maze smoker here.

If you want a bit more detail on the pellet tube smoking, I wrote a bit more about them in this post below.