All this is in the booklet guide, here is a link to the page where you can get it.

Links will go to some write ups I did for gear that works for each component.

  • Minimlist Plug it in
  • All Rounder
  • Hardwired (ONLY if electrically minded please!)
  • Mini Fridge
How to thinly slice cured meat (methods & pictures)

Minimalist Approach

Plug it all in, easy – first the temperature controller and watch the moisture. Then move on to the humidifier component.

May need dehumidifier, depends on fridge!

Dru curing meat in curing chamber

All Rounder (Heating, Cooling, Fan, Dehumidifier, Humidifier)

Not always necessary, but this type of ‘environmentally controlled environment’ I have used to grow mushrooms, make own dried spices, dry fruit, store meat, and of course dry cure meat (need a cleanout after these types of projects!)

maybe plus

Curing chamber controllers large

Hard Wired

As mention, electrical know-how on this type – you can create a ‘tidy’ outcome though.

  • Second-hand compressor, frost-free fridge *maybe cyclic fan*

White mold on cured meat 3 large

Mini Fridge – All Rounder

Same same but different to the all rounder above….it’s smaller.