Here is the breakdown: the below unit is about gently drying things but in a nice small package. I’ve worked my way through a few dehumidifiers over the years.

Diy curing chamber all rounder 1
Going for the full setup!

For most smaller meat-curing fridges, I have helped guys put together mini bar fridge setups; we choose much smaller dehumidifiers since space is a premium, these are compact units, and they do a great job. At just under $50, this is way cheaper than looking at any ‘commercial setup with all the bells and whistles’. This unit for under $50 is very well suited.

Dehumidifier large
Good Mold is happening, and this gentle dehumidifier is doing the job.

Producing the right humidity and getting the size right is important. There is a reason the below dehumidifier gets all the top-notch reviews. It does the job you want.

7 x 6 x 11 inches – this little beast will do the main job you need (plus the right controller – check out the controller options on this page).

This is generic but compact and simple.

Check it out here.

It gets ‘re-badged’ just like the humidifiers, so you can find the “Seavon” Dehumidifier as well to be well suited to a curing chamber. You will see a ton of these used on community social groups where meat curers hang out.

Compact is key, and this is pretty standard with home charcuterie makers.