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I want to share some nuances if you’re going to make a delicious homemade sausage.

It’s not just following a recipe; it’s taken many years before I can create consistently delicious homemade sausages. Hopefully, the link below to the guide and article I’ve made will get you on the right sausage-making track.

Home Made Sausages - Hickory Smoked Hot Dogs, Spicy Merguez, Nuremburg's, Venison Slim Jims
Home Made Sausages – Hickory Smoked Hot Dogs, Spicy Merguez, Nurenburgs, Venison Slim Jims

Covering the basics for homemade sausages, see the meat/fat and spices below.

I’ve made tons of sausages (here are some easy sausage ideas I wrote about) from inspiration and recipes across the world. The 500-year-old recipes like Nurenburg sausage or classic Spanish chorizo are still popular for many reasons, such as taste and cultural significance.

Often, I’ve found that fewer ingredients and well-looked-after quality meat, local ideally, can make massive differences in the outcomes of your sausages.

Then we have a Grinder and Mincer Options.

To be clear, this is about fresh homemade usage that uses raw meat; it’s then stuffed into a casing.

You then either grill it (or cook it in other ways, such as poaching) or hot-smoke/cook it.

Other topics about grinding/mincing meat may also be covered.

Home Made Sausage Guide

Spice Guide for Sausages

Flavor bombs in detail.

Equipment – Grinders & Mincers

Grinder/Mincing is a Key Step.

Other Home Made Sausage topics:

Salt and Sausage

I wrote about what I prefer for salt and also a guide and tables to help someone new to sausaging making.

Cuts of Meat for Making Home-Made Sausage

You have many different options regarding the cuts of meat, especially pork. Many other types of red meat can be used essentially in the neutral fat of pork, which becomes very important.

Some cultures use other fat types, including olive oil, in southern Europe. Lamb or beef fat has a much stronger flavor than pork.

Inspiration Sausages of the World

I’ve scoured the world and seen some of the tastiest morsels around regarding sausages. I’ve shared some classics as well as exotic styles in this article.

Sausages and Nitrites/Nitrates

There has always been a lot of controversy regarding nitrates and nitrites. It doesn’t become as relevant for fresh homemade sausages since you will be cooking. I will go into a bit more detail about cold, warm, and hot smoking in this article.

Is Grinding/Mincing Meat Cost Effective

If you look at the economics of grinding and mincing meat, it’s pretty interesting to see the benefits that come from the effort.

Economical Beef Cuts for Grinding and Other Uses

Here, I will briefly detail how many cuts are not as commonly known.

Reference Books on Sausages

If you want some sausage textbooks, here is a link to an article showcasing and talking about them.

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