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If you gift yourself these tools, you can end up giving and gifting many fine cured & smoked meat to friends and family

Here are my top picks on some novel suppliers to try, useful tools & books for info or inspiration that are worth giving to someone or giving to yourself! But only if you have been good…. (or bad).

Curer/Smoker Toys & Equipment

  • Tube Smoker – Cold Smoking, adding smoke flavor to a grill (simple tool, many applications) – simple and really useful
Cold Smoking Salami
Cold Smoking Hungarian and Spicy Venison Salami
Dry Cured Salami
Dry Cured Salami
Slicing a Cooked Crudo Ham

Meat Curing & Smoking Books

Salumi – Ruhlman

Summary: All about info and inspiration for dry-cured meat

From the major whole muscle traditional Italian salumi, this book does a great job and simplifying the thousands of variations across Italy. I spend 3 months recently in Italy driving around the regions. It’s mind-boggling (Umbria and Emilia-Romagna (Parma area of course) regions are my favorites for contrasting meat curing and salumi

This book really gets you going and has some combination recipes using various cured meats – it covers salumi dry-cured methods and salami’s as well.

Check it out here on Amazon.

Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages – Marianski

Summary: Beginners go-to book for sausages, smoking, and salami)

If you want expert full rundown with many recipes, this is a brilliant book that covers all aspects. Europeans have a strong culture around sausage and salami. With cold smoking hardwired into so many countries with various spices/techniques

This book will get anyone going with fresh sausage, then salami.

Check out the reviews here on Amazon.

Charcuterie – Ruhlman (Original from the US Dry Cured Expert)

Summary: The original charcuterie book, from the U.S, based Ruhlman, still a classic and if you want to get into dry curing as well as pates, terrines, and smoking meat. This is the Ruhlman style of inspirational & informative.

Check it out here.

Unique Global Flavors & Inspiration Books

Ok Not Meat Curing, but this is about world flavors and techniques melted and merged together – inspiration for new spice bombs in all forms of cooking!

Bar Tartine: Techniques & Recipes

Summary: Spice bomb teachings, contrast in cultures, learn new techniques in flavor

A mind-blower if you haven’t heard of these guys, a fresh mixture of nationalities brings together some amazing preserves, spices, and syrups. Get your larder on steroids.

Check it out here on Amazon.

Salt Smoke Sugar – Henry

Summary: Again many flavors from corners of the world, recipes – bit of curing but also epic pictures.

It doesn’t have alot of recipes but makes up for it, with quality. Try the licorice plum spicy chutney.

Check it out here.

Unique US Supplier of Charcuterie – Smoking Goose

I hope one day to do collaborate at this place, it’s in Indiana and has come up with unique flavors modernizing ideas around dry-cured meat like:

Order these direct through Amazon.

Gin & Juice Salami – Smoking Goose (Quality Lamb Salami with a flavor bomb)

or maybe

Pasture Raised All Natural Salame – Rust Belt – Smoking Goose

Lemon Peel, Cinnamon and bourbon whiskey barrel cold-smokedepic