A homemade meat smoker, now a piece of essential equipment, crafted from an old beer keg and surrounded by rustic wooden walls, emanates smoke as it performs cold smoking on a selection of meats and

Cold Smoking PDF Guide – Theory & Equipment

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Writer / Enthusiast / Meat Curer / Forager / Harvester | About Tom

For decades, immersed in studying, working, learning, and teaching in the craft of meat curing, now sharing his passion with you through eat cured meat online resource.

There is something mystical about cold smoking. Maybe it’s the thousands of years of tradition hard-wired into our genetics. Maybe not.

I’ve spent a long time compiling – what I think is a very useful resource for a full rundown on cold-smoking meat (obviously), fruit, spices, or whatever you come with.

Salami, Bacon, Cheese – epic cold smoking

Cold smoking is a part of meat curing that isn’t covered much or needs more explanation. It’s taken me many years to become second nature. For me, cold smoking is like frying an egg, so I put this 40-page concise ebook together to share the knowledge.

Smokai invented the best smoke generator in the world, in my opinion. But that’s a more sophisticated way of cold smoking (link to cold smoking article category list on this site) for control. In this booklet, I cover this and many other incredibly easy techniques for cold smoking.

Different Methods explained and techniques you can do at home to cold smoke

There are so many ways you can approach cold smoking. Learn theory, then apply it any way you choose.

Cold Smoke for NEW Flavors – not just meat. Explore other foods you can enhance

Salt, Vegetables or Chocolate! Creative Cold Smoke flavor enhancement can be applied in many ways.

Cold Smoking Process Covered in Detail. The role of salt and effects of cold smoke

I’m giving you the resource that just doesn’t seem to be available around the internet. A few decades on experience included.

I hope you will find a dense resource with this booklet, something to really start evolving your own cold-smoking delicious goods, be it meat or non-meat varieties.

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