There is something mystical about cold smoking, maybe it’s the 1,000’s of years hard-wired into our genetics, maybe. maybe not.

I’ve spent a long time, compiling – what I think is a very useful resource for a full rundown on cold smoking meat (obviously), fruit, spices, or whatever you come with.

Cold Smoking – Cheese, Salami, Bacon

The owner of a top cold smoker generator company humbly said the depth of this booklet was incredible when I sent a draft.

Tony has the best smoke generator in the world in my opinion (the company invented it actually too). It;s a sophisticated way of cold smoking for control of smoke input. I cover this and many other easy techniques on how to cold smoke in this booklet.

Different methods explained and techniques you can do at home to cold smoke

There are so many ways you can approach cold smoking. Learn theory, then apply any way you choose

Cold Smoking Process Covered in Detail. The role of salt and the effects on cold smoke

Plus 15 years of cold smoking success and mistakes I’ve learned from

Cold Smoke for Flavor – not just meat. Explore other foods you can enhance

Salt, vegetables, chocolate… Creative Cold Smoke flavor enhancement can be applied in many ways

My goal was to create a dense resource with this booklet, something to really get you started and develop your own cold smoking delicious goods, be it meat or non-meat varieties.