There is something mystical about cold smoking, maybe it’s the 1,000’s of years hard-wired into our genetics, maybe. maybe not.

I’ve spent a long time, compiling – what I think is a beneficial resource for a full rundown on cold-smoking meat (obviously), fruit, spices, or whatever you come with.

Cold Smoking – Cheese, Salami, Bacon

The owner of a top cold smoker generator company humbly said the depth of this booklet was incredible when I sent a draft!

  • 50 page downloadable pdf/ebook
  • Different methods explained and techniques you can do at home
  • Cold Smoking Process Covered in Detail. Salt and its effects.
  • Cold Smoke for Flavor – not just meat. Explore other foods you can enhance

As well as this guide, you will get some secret hard-to-find insider info I’ve learned over the last few decades.