A hand adjusting the inkbird itc308 temperature controller displaying detailed review readings.

Full Detailed Review of INKBIRD ITC-308 Temperature Controller

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For the important aspects of temperature control, I’ve been ‘reviewing’ the INKBIRD ITC-308 for many years now and using it to get a target temperature range. I’ve used this for charcuterie, dry cured meats, and many other temperature-controlled environment projects at home, which I’ll talk about.

For about 20 years, I’ve had many hobbies (food and alcohol-based) that need a temperature-controlled setting for consistent results.

I’ve been using INKBIRD controllers for 8 years now or longer, so I thought it might be a good idea to break down how they work, what they can be used for, and how they have performed over time since INKBIRD wanted/requested an article.

Full Disclosure: INKBIRD contacted me about a sponsored review and offered the product for a review. I advised them that I’d been using the product for about 10 years, so I didn’t need it, and we agreed that I should highlight the product and my experiences using it!

Detailed Review of INKBIRD ITC-308

INKBIRD ITC-308 is a simple temperature control for various domestic environment-controlled settings. It has the ability to control a heating or cooling appliance. Other useful features include alarms, compressor delay, °F or °C display and a simple user-friendly interface.

Many folks will probably use this temperature controller for various projects at home. I will highlight what I’ve used it for the most. While also covering the many side projects that needed a controlled environmental area.

How INKBIRD ITC-308 Temperature Controller Works

To buy an ‘out-of-the-box’ drying charcuterie fridge with temperature control or, let’s say, an environmentally controlled fridge that can adjust the temperature. Prices start from about USD 1,200 (doesn’t control humidity at this starting price).

I have used INKBIRD temperature controllers and a few other appliances, and they cost me under A$300.

You set the temperatures you want, and it will turn on and off the devices you plug in, either heating or cooling – it has 2 outputs.

I can have a domestic fridge set up in less than 2 minutes.

I have 4 or 5 temperature and humidity controllers from INKBIRD for various projects, and I’ll discuss how I’ve used them later.

Here is the functional Information from the INKBIRD ITC-308:

Temperature Control Range-50°C to 120°C / -58°F to 248°F
Temperature Resolution0.1°C / 0.1°F
Temperature Accuracy±1°C (-50 to 70°C) / ±2°F (-58 to 160°F)
Compressor Delay ProtectionYes
Buzzer AlarmHigh and low temperatures, abnormal probe performance
Heating/Cooling SettingsSeparate
Display Units°C/°F
Temperature DisplayCurrent and Set Temperatures simultaneously
Inkbird pv and sv display
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Temperature Controlling Scenarios for the INKBIRD ITC-308

  • homebrew
  • distillation base spirit low wine
  • aquarium
  • pet breeding
  • incubation
  • seedling warmth
  • terrestrial heating
  • fermentation
  • dry charcuterie
  • germination

Please note: for a sensitive environment such as animal breeding, aquariums, or reptile incubation, I recommend the INKBIRD ITC-306A with 2 temperature probes.

This means you have a backup and 2.4GHz WIFI to phone notifications for alarms. It also has temperature calibration for specific environments.

Basically, in the box is:

  • Controller – Plug and Play
  • Temperature Probe

Also, note that you can order the controller in ANY of the power plug configurations worldwide.

I’ve used the Controller in Some of the Above Scenarios for:

  • control heat with an eco panel heater for fermenting dry-cured salami
  • control fridge temperature specifically for dry-cured meat
  • eco heater for drying fruit, spices, biltong/jerky in an enclosed fridge
  • controlling temperature for growing mushrooms in an enclosed fridge with an eco-panel heater
  • beer, wine and spirit low wine/wash fermentation with an eco panel heater
  • germinating microgreens and having a ceramic heat bulb controlled

For these projects humidity needs to be controlled, so I have the ‘blue’ INKBIRD humidity controller (INKBIRD IHC-200), too.

Inkbird buttons large

As you can see, I’ve used these products in many different ways, in many different environments!

How I Currently Use the INKBIRD Controllers

Fermentation Controlling Temperature

Specific recipes need a starter culture for consistent dry-cured salami. This is a ‘good’ mold that is inoculated into the salami meat before being stuffed into the casing.

This is a layer of protection to discourage unwanted bacteria, primarily done by lowering the pH, which increases acidity. Unwanted bacteria don’t like an acidic environment.

Diy drying chamber with salami large
The INKBIRD Controllers on the right side of this converted second-hand fridge for charcuterie – 160 lbs/80 kg of dry cured meat

For every ‘starter culture’ I’ve used, you need a higher fixed temperature (Often 68-86°F-20-28°C) than for the drying stage. You also need higher humidity. A simple ceramic heater is plugged into the controller’s ‘warm’ output. A humidifier is used for the other humidity INKBIRD controller.

I use INKBIRD Controllers to make this task simple and well-controlled!

Drying Charcuterie Fridge Controlling Temperature

Here are some pictures of how I used the INKBIRD Controllers:

Curing chamber with controllers large
Same Fridge, not as full with dry cured charcuterie meat. INKBIRD ITC-308 and IMC-200 setup

Here is a diagram from my online course about how to set up the controllers for a charcuterie-drying fridge.

Diagram of fridge and controllers

Some airflow also helps.

Setup & Mounting the INKBIRD ITC-308

Using the controller is simple, just hold the button and it will go to the menu, then up and down and select the variable you want to change. Click the same menu button to select.

Then, hold the menu button to exit and save.

Here is how simple it is to setup and why I call it plug and go:

  1. Plug-in devices you want to control temperature with
  2. Set the threshold for turning on/off
  3. Monitor and tweak as needed

High and Low Alarmed Built In

Just set an alarm if you want to make sure the temperature is within you’re desired range.

For the ITC-308 WIFI version you can get notifications to your phone. (I have the INKBIRD app WIFI connectivity for temperature/humidity controllers, sous vide, and IBBQ-4T Meat Temperature Probe).

Refrigeration Delay

If you have a fridge compressor turning off and on constantly, there is a setup parameter to adjust the delay; you set it for 10 minutes or more, then it won’t switch on and off too frequently, which is bad for any compressor fridge, specifically for DIY dry curing charcuterie conversions.

I’ve done 4x Fridge DIY Conversions with INKBIRD controllers and also the hardwired controller system before the plug-and-play controllers existed!

How Accurate is the INKBIRD ITC-308?

Within 2°F variation from tests I’ve done with other thermometers present.

If you choose the metric system with Celsius on the controller, you have 0.1 control instead of 1.0 degree.

Why I use the INKBIRD ITC-308

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Proven Reliable Over Time
  • Excellent Value for Money

If it sounds like you want it, here is a link (I get a small commission through this link from Amazon) –

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you’ll be happy with this INKBIRD controller.

Here are the links to the Amazon INKBIRD Controllers


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