Why Choose a Vertical or a Horizontal Sausage Stuffer?

Choosing a sausage stuffer can be a difficult decision- why choose a vertical or horizontal stuffer? Apart from shape what can you expect.

I had exactly the same question.

Whether you are a newbie or are an experienced sausage stuffer, you likely recognize that using a device that was specifically designed for this purpose is a must.

There are two main types of sausage stuffers with their different advantages, so you might consider their pros and cons.

Why Choose a Vertical or Horizontal Sausage Stuffer? Vertical sausage stuffers are more compact, gravity-fed, and are more commonly used. Horizontal sausage stuffers are better for a two-person operation but need to be on an edge or secured on a bench.

However, while both types of sausage stuffers will do the trick, it is ultimately up to you to decide which one you will be able to work better with once you get a bit of practice. 

If you just want my suggestions for either option, check out this page on top notch stuffers.

It might take you a few tries to get the hang of using either type, but after a bit of work, it is not hard to reason that you will know when you have found the one that will work for you. 

The mystery of inside a sausage stuffer!

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages that each type of sausage stuffer (vertical and horizontal) brings to the table.

I’ve left out automatic stuffers, because they produce too much heat, and trust me you don’t want emulsifying when you produce sausages or salami.

This is why the smart sausage maker from home uses a manual stuffer.

Vertical Sausage Stuffer

Choosing a manual vertical sausage stuffer can be a great option. It’s generally the way most guys go.

There are so many different models of sausage stuffers out there, so choosing the one that is right for you might seem a bit daunting. Fortunately, there are many pros that a manual vertical sausage stuffer can offer you.

Advantages of Vertical Sausage Stuffer:

  • more compact
  • Gravity-fed 

More Compact

In regards to the meat preparation device being more compact, there are a few unique advantages that this can offer you as you prepare your delicious sausages or salami.

Obviously, the compactness of the sausage stuffer has to do with its size.

The smaller version of this device can be seen as it takes up less counter space and stands tall instead. 

It might not seem like this would matter too terribly much when you consider that you would probably need a decent bit of counter space to work with, anyways. 

These stuffers can a little ‘bulky’ and small units aren’t generally the way to go. Since you spend too much time refilling them, I talk more about this on my suggestions page.

However, this is exactly why it counts.

Every inch of counter space that is taken up by your sausage stuffer is space that cannot be used to place the stuffed sausage, kitchen tools, or utensils on.

Pumping out the sausages into a large tray can help, but you definitely need a decent amount of bench space.

In this case, a larger sausage stuffer on a small counter would mean that you would have to stop in the middle of the sausage stuffing process while you worked to be able to move the sausage out of the way.

There would be less room for the meat to pile up neatly on the countertop. 

Along with this, being compact helps to be able to move the device more freely.

Obviously, when you are in the middle of preparing your sausage, you will most likely not be moving the sausage stuffer around. 

However, getting the device into position (along with all of the other tools that you will probably be using) needs to be something that can be done swiftly so that you can move on and begin preparing your tasty links. 


Working smarter instead of harder is a common saying that implies that it is best to find the most efficient method of work rather than the one that is more cumbersome. 

Using a vertical sausage stuffer is working smarter in terms of physical labor that will go into stuffing your sausage. 

As you work with the meat you are preparing, you will be cranking the machine manually (on either of the two sausage stuffers we are referring to). 

Rather than having to crank as the meat slides into the device sideways, you can more easily hold the sausage stuffer in place while you crank.

Not only does this help to ensure that all of the sausage is easily falling down and your machine is not having to push it even farther, but it helps to be able to control your sausage stuffer’s positioning. 

Instead of having to bolt down or secure the sausage stuffer (which you can still do if it is vertical, it just is not as necessary), you can hold it in place with one hand while you crank with another.

Then, ideally, you will not have issues with your machine sliding about as you begin to use it- something that could make this process incredibly frustrating, messy, and difficult otherwise.

Large 6-10lb stuffers are heavy enough to not slide around.

More Common

Not everything that is more common means that it is the right choice, but in terms of using a vertical or horizontal sausage stuffer, you may find that the more common option (vertical) is commonly chosen for a reason. 

Particularly, many people find that using this device is much easier on their own than using a horizontal sausage stuffer can be.

I’m always making sausage with a friend, so the vertical is an advantage in my case.

This means that as families pass down their traditions in making delightful sausage, may need the family team – so forced interaction isn’t a bad thing! 

So, while vertical sausage stuffers being common is not a reason in and of itself to purchase this option, it does give you an idea of the industry standard and what many people find easier to work with and more reasonable for the task at hand.

Horizontal Sausage Stuffer

How we Produce the Goods!

Now, while a manual vertical sausage stuffer has its advantages, the horizontal sausage stuffer is a useful option that comes with its own unique advantages, too. 

So, when you choose one of these in, just know that you truly cannot go wrong.

As long as you are preparing a delicious sausage to be enjoyed with friends and family, you are on the right track!

With that said, there are two major benefits of using a manual horizontal sausage stuffer. These two benefits (among others) include that this option is better for a two-person operation and that it can operate well when placed on the edge of a bench or otherwise bolted and secured. 

Better for a Two-Person Operation

Now, while some people might not find this to be an advantage (as they prefer to operate solo in their sausage stuffing responsibilities), knowing that teamwork can come into play with a horizontal sausage stuffer can be incredibly relieving for some.

Let’s say, for example, that you and a buddy have decided to bring back your heritage and begin the practice of making sausage with your traditional cultural or family recipe. 

You both get excited about the prospect and begin to labor away. With a horizontal sausage stuffer, you can have one person crank and while the other person keeps the pressure on the casing, getting a nice tight fill in the casing.

We think we can multitask, but we can’t!

This means that you can use the sausage stuffing process as a social time to celebrate the preparation of this year’s sausage fest, whilst also getting a nice tight fill. 

Needs to be on an Edge of a Bench or Secured

This might not feel like an advantage for some people- especially if they do not have the capabilities of securing the device or they do not have a great way to make sure that it will not slide around.

However, if you are running a more robust operation, then you might not have any issues.

So, if you have the option to secure the horizontal sausage stuffer, it depends on the feet and how well it sticks to your bench space. Otherwise, just be sure that you have a partner who can help you out in your venture. 

While one person holds the device down, the other can crank and enjoy the work that is going on to create a beautiful and delicious smelling sausage. 

Should You Use a Manual Sausage Stuffer?

While there are some commercial-grade sausage stuffers on the market, manual vertical and manual horizontal sausage stuffers are incredible options. 

There are several perks that come with manual options, too, so it is important to recognize these as you begin the task of stuffing your sausage.

Yes, you should use a manual sausage stuffer if you want to experience full control over the operation of stuffing your sausage, you enjoy the work that goes into preparing a delicious meal, and you are working with small to medium-sized batches. 

Of course, if you are planning to prepare the next line of commercially produced sausages, then maybe a manual option is not for you.

But if this is not the case, then a manual sausage stuffer is sure to bring delight to you and your tastebuds.

Remember the key, keep the meat mixture super cold, nearly frozen but not.

Here is a page I wrote on sausage stuffers worth the weight in …sausages or gold!

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