Specifically for bacon curing using an equilibrium method, here is a bacon equilibrium curing calculator.

Key Points:

  • Preference for Bacon Curing – 2.0% to 2.75% – ideally salt level.
  • A minimum of 2% is Needed for Curing the Bacon.
  • Skin Can be Left On or Removed.
  • Curing in this way will create consistent results and allow you to choose the saltiness of your cured meats.

Bacon Equilibrium Curing Calculator

So this calculator for curing bacon can work out whether you want a dry or wet brining curing result!

If you use nitrates, it works out based on the 0.25% pink curing salt guide for curing salt No. 1

Meat Curing Calculator Tool
Method Equilibrium Wet Brining or
Equilibrium Dry Curing
Meat Weight lb kg g
Pink curing salt %
Salt %

Pink Curing Salt
Sea Salt

A spice grinder filled with various spices sitting on a digital kitchen scale beside a can of spanish paprika and a container of brown sugar.
Tip Placing a Spice Grinder On Pocket Digital Scales, Can Allow you to Add spices and salt directly into the Grinder.

Dry Cured Bacon = % of Sea Salt + 0.25% Pink Curing Salt to the Total Weight of the Meat

Wet Brine Bacon Curing = % of Sea Salt + 0.25% Pink Curing Salt to the Total Weight of the Meat in addition 1L=1Kg weight, so 40% water is calculated for the total meat weight

Bacon Making Resources

For a traditional saturation or excess curing method of bacon, here is a guide also


For another angle on the same approach, here is the gastrochemist approach – https://gastrochemist.com/home-cured-bacon/