Nothing is more satisfying than when I serve a homemade plate of charcuterie to loved ones

I’ve spent many hours researching, testing, and collating info – so I put a lot of value in this guide. Having this setup will surely save you many hours of tracking down info.

The 30 pages goes into depth about:

  • Various Designs & and the meat science approach to the craft of dry-cured meats
  • A Collection of photos showcasing Good and Bad Molds on Dry Cured Meats
  • Key Factors & Theory – To create successful dry-cured meats at home
  • Complete Breakdown of Equipment needed for a curing chamber
  • This pdf booklet goes into much more detail than I have written about in the blog

With this type of ‘environmental chamber’ setup, I’ve also used it for drying spices, growing mushrooms, brewing, and making fruit leathers.

There is also a dry-cured ‘framework’ recipe which is the basis for just about any type of charcuterie dry-cured meat product in detail I have included.

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I’ve got a 30-page pdf about convert a regular kitchen fridge into a charcuterie drying fridge! How, What and Other Tips.