Not having a decent length and sharp blade makes cutting brisket (and many other things) a pain.

After all that effort and waiting, you want a tool that can do the job. I was always using a decent chef knife, it kinda works, but you never get the consistency.

Then, I decided to invest in a dedicated brisket knife, haven’t look back since.

Now slices a just right and the brisket or ham knife can be used for a ton of other stuff. The sharpness specifically of this Victornox knife is phenomonal. The first time I saw one was years ago in a professional kitchen in Scotland where I was working.

Victorinox is still an incredibly strong brand, and for professional or at home use – they do a superb job.

From about 1 min 45 sec you can see some awesome brisket slicing in this vid.

After much research, I chose this knife [Victornox Fibrox 12″ Knife] on Amazon.

It’s what I would call premium in pricing (and they often run periodic sales!), but it’s proven & very sharp, and I’d rather buy something that will last for years.

If you’re on a budget, I’d recommend this one [Mercer Millennia 14″ Knife], which has the same super sharpness; yes, it’s a bit longer.

Mercer doesn’t quite have the rep that Victorinox has, but so many people I know love the Mercer knife as well.

It has the same design regarding granton style blade, which prevents sticking.