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Eat Cured Meat Culinary Community

I’ve sent you the guide on setting up you’re own charcuterie chamber at home + more tips and ninja tricks

I’ve noticed one of the hardest aspects of Learning Charcuterie is

Where to Start -which comes from making, writing, and testing aspects of this culinary craft for 20 odd years.

Some of the Most Common Mistakes Are:

Not Knowing the Signs that Curing is off-track

How to Avoid the Mistake Of Your Cured Meat Being Too Salty

Knowing the Good, Bad, and the Ugly Molds that Can Develop

Having Confidence That You Are Heading down the Right Track (Personal Charcuterie Coaching)

If you want these insights, I go into a lot of detail in my whole muscle meat curing video course which has been immensely popular!

What’s In This Course:

23 Videos Rich in DetailOver 70 minutes of Video

“live chat” with me inside the course, so you get direct tutoring on hand.

Bundled into this course:

Spreadsheet for 9 of my favorite recipes, which auto-calculates ingredient quantities (some epic recipes like Garlic/Juniper Bacon dry-cured bacon took 15 years to refine)

  • Master technique of dry curing meat, from which you can create 1,000’s variations heat sheets for all 9 favorite recipes

  • A detailed guide on curing meat using a regular kitchen fridge