I’ve been learning all aspects of meat curing and smoking for my adult life (45 years young); my full-time business is this resource website I started five years ago; it’s one of the largest resources for meat curing and smoking on the interweb.

You will learn hands-on how to make cured meats, try smoked meats, and replicate whole-muscle meat curing and cold smoking at home with either farmed or wild meats.


  • Tastings and Lunch Provided – Some FUNKY cured meat tastings I’ll bring. Dry Cured Pork and some other surprises.


  • Bring 1-2kg of your Quality Fresh Pork, Venison, or Beef, and we will do some meat curing with it; with you, take it home, or I can finish the process.
  • Not aged meat; it can also be frozen and thawed.
A homemade smoker ingeniously crafted from a repurposed barrel, bellowing smoke as it slowcooks a variety of meats to smoky perfection thanks to its efficient smoke production.

What Will be Covered:

  • Meat Curing Theory and How It Works to Get You Started at Home
  • Simple Tools that Help
  • Whole Muscle Meat Curing in a Regular Kitchen Fridge, Garage or Fridge Conversion
  • Cold Smoking – Setup, How and What
  • Salt, Smoke, and Acidity – How it All Comes Together
  • What to Cure – Wild and Farmed Cuts Ideal To use
  • Craft Some Cured Meats with Your Meat (Whole Muscle Meat Curing, Bacon, Biltong)
  • Spice Guide Cheat Sheets
  • I’ll bring spices and equipment for the curing of your meat

BONUS: Free Lifetime Access to My Bacon Video Course Online


Hastings Venue will send out to sign-ups

19th Sunday, 10am – 4pm May 2024LIMITED – SMALL GROUP 10 SPOTS (SOLD OUT)

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Meat Curing and Cold Smoking Introduction

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Master guide to curing, where to dry your charcuterie

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Wild and Farmed Meat Applications for Meat Curing and Cold Smoking

Eat Cured Meat, Tom Mueller, Douglas McLean Avenue, Marewa, Napier, Hawkes Bay

mob. 0204 183 6189


Hastings Venue will send out address to sign-ups

19th Sunday, 10am – 4pm May 2024LIMITED – SMALL GROUP 10 SPOTS

(I treat you like I would want to be treated – personal money-back guarantee, no questions.)