What’s In This Course:

23 Videos, 40 Lessons Over 70 minutes of Video

FREE “live chat” with me inside the course, so you get direct tutoring on hand.

Course Content Bundle:

  • Spreadsheet for 9 of my favorite recipes, which auto-calculates ingredient quantities (some epic recipes like Garlic/Juniper Bacon dry-cured bacon took 15 years to refine)
  • Master technique of dry curing meat, from which you can create 1,000’s of variations
  • Cheat sheets for all 9 favorite recipes 
  • A detailed guide on curing meat using a regular kitchen fridge
  • Spice Guide Sheet to develop your own charcuterie flavors!

Ultimate Bacon Course:

  • 60 plus mins of video covering how to, smokers, tricks, and ninja tips for ALL things bacon!
  • Guide and Tips about Smokers and How Different Smokers Work – Pros and Cons
  • Recipe Guide Sheets that auto-calculates ingredients
  • Printable bacon recipe sheets to make it easy
  • How to Make Smokey Bacon without a Smoker just in your normal fridge/oven!
  • Learn How to Use My Favorite Versatile Smoker Accessories

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy – all courses have 7 day money back guarantee